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AQUEERD: Stories of Being an LGBTQIA Nonprofit Professional

Being an LGBTQIA professional in the nonprofit sector is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Some of us are free to be out, proud and ourselves, and some of us are just as much in the closet as we ever were at work. And then there are a million little experiences in-between. AQUEERD (pronounced: awkward) is a 31st Century show aimed at allowing LGBTQIA and some ally professionals to tell their stories and offer insights into the lives of the continued marginalized communities of sexuality, gender and differences.

AQUEERD will be a ground-breaking series helping to unpack and dispel stereotypes, while also answering the questions people are afraid to ask and sharing stories we’re rarely invited to tell in the nonprofit sector.

Each episode of AQUEERD will have a main, unique theme, inviting LGBTQIA and ally nonprofit professionals an opportunity to share their own personal stories and anecdotes of pride, shame, helplessness, humor, humility, and hope. To learn more about upcoming show themes and how to become involved, click the link below!

AQUEERD: Coming to 31st Century: The Nonprofit Network in 2020.

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