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A graphic design and resume editing agency serving individuals and small to mid-sized businesses with custom design and editorial work.

While known as a nationally recognized author, speaker and problem-solver, I’m also an artist, creating and designing all of my own business materials, graphics and logos by hand for over 25 years. My goal is to offer easy, inexpensive, highest-quality graphic design, resume and cover letter editing to make my best work, your best work - giving your special projects a unique look, feel and while truly capturing your true voice.


Resume Revision | $125

I will fully revision your resume in a gorgeous, creative, color-aided masterpiece while also editing your experience into a more modern and effective showcase of your history and talents. This includes as many rounds of edits as necessary and several custom design options to choose from. Your resume isn’t ready until you’re happy!

Cover Letter | $100

I will write a cover letter from scratch - based off a position description you are applying to - that best highlights your experience and skills, matched against a company’s expectations and candidate interests. This includes as many rounds of edits as necessary until the cover letter is finished and you are happy!

LinkedIn Support | $100

Based on your current or revised resume, I will help mirror your new professional background and messaging to match everywhere anyone goes to find you.  

Logo | $250

I will create up to 6 fully custom designs for you to review and creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final logo for your business or special project. You will receive a full suite of full-color, b&w, and grey-scale final logos for any type of use or need - online or in print.  

Postcard or E-Card | $350

Already have a logo and just want a smart, creative digital or two-sided printable postcard created for your company or special event? After learning your design interests, I will create at least 2 custom looks to begin to choose from, allowing you to creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final product.

Full Page or Poster Design | $450

Looking for a little more space to promote or showcase your company, product or event? After learning your design interests, I will create at least 2 custom looks to begin to choose from, allowing you to creatively suggest edits until we get to the perfect final product. For a two-sided product, please add $100 to the total. 

Social Media Graphic Designs | $100+

Looking to promote your company or business beautifully on social media - with well-cropped logos, banner designs, special promotional or branded materials for digital audiences? Schedule time to talk with me understand your needs and so I can help you by designing an entire suite of custom designs.


  1. Fill out the initial contact form (at the right) or contact me directly.

  2. I will schedule a 30min consultation to discuss your specific needs, my process and the work to be completed.

  3. Once you commit to hiring me, I ask clients to make the full initial payment via PayPal in advance to start the formal design or writing process.

  4. You are then asked to send me any additional documents or resources necessary - former resumes, color choices, existing logos, etc.

  5. I begin working on your project and will have it finished within 10 business days or sooner!


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I strive to meet and exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied, whatever the reason, I’ll work with you to create a satisfying result. I go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight you, the client. I earnestly try to meet or exceed your expectations on every single project you contract with me because I know that by doing so, you will become an advocate for my business - promoting and talking about my great work with your family, friends and business associates. Unless you are looking for privacy and anonymity, and then again, you came to the right place. Attempting to change jobs or careers can be a personal, private, anxious endeavor and I take that very seriously with my pledge to never share our working relationship or your work.

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I always offer a free 30 minute consultation call before you pay or I start any work. 

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