Left of Center

I don’t believe there is a true “center” to the nonprofit sector.

That is to say, I think we’re less connected than any other sector in reality when it comes to form, function, language and model.

At most we’re only connected at the 501(c) X status.

In fact, I would say we’re almost always far more like the sectors we’re tying to champion, change or challenge than we are anything like each other.

Take a moment. Your structure, your title, the governance, and language you use at your nonprofit is probably far more like the closest sector you’re working within - military, education, political, medical, animal welfare, etc. - than it is to the next nonprofit over.

We rarely agree what “volunteerism” means. What a “community” is. Or how to appropriately title employees outside of what we’re willing to pay in any kind of unified, centralized way.

How do we fix this? Can we fix this? Does it matter? I don’t know, but I think we can and I think it does.

What about you?

[ ben bisbee ]

Ben BisbeeComment