Stop Hoarding Your Best Ideas

I have a nice little notebook app on my iPhone where when an idea or tagline or story or restaurant concept or creative endeavor strikes me, I write it down. Safe. Stored. Often forgotten. Essentially hidden. Functionally worthless.

I'm hording. We all do it.

Will I ever really open that international sloppy-joe restaurant called Uncommon Ground with over 10 sloppy-joe variations? Probably not. Will I ever create a comedy web-series called Loose about a chatty masseuse who massages famous people and asked them extremely odd and invasive questions? Doubtful.

But is it just me? Are you holding on to a great invention or concept that will forever be locked in a closed book or notebook app? I don't think any of my ideas are bigger than me, but many of them might be better than me. At least as their conceptual parent. I'm raising them all wrong. Maybe someone could do better. And it’s all about finding the right parents.

So in 2019, I say we put more of our untouched ideas up for adoption. Some of your ideas are great - imagine what someone could do with them! Otherwise they’re just sitting in the dark. Alone and unfulfilled.

And that’s no way to treat something brilliant.

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