Universal Nonprofit Skills

When cooking, there are 3 important layers to success: the tools, the recipe, and the technique.

Oh, and experience. You know, it’s funny. The experience part is often the part that’s more make or break, yet it seems like no one really talks about that part.

Its the same with the nonprofit sector. Everyday a peer, provider, consultant or company is pushing layers of tools, recipes and techniques. But at the end of the day, experience is key.

And I don’t just mean “experience” as a timeline. I also mean it as how we relate to things like leveraging creativity, technology, critical thinking, business insight, and wellness. I call these “universal nonprofit skills”

If we’re lacking experience in any of these universal nonprofit skills—no matter how good the tools, recipe or technique—we’re truly lacking essential elements of potential, overall success.

So. Who is talking or educating on universal nonprofit skills? Who is providing the nonprofit sector with education and insight on creativity, technology, educational development, critical thinking, business and management insights, self-care and wellness?

There are millions of places to go for hard nonprofit skills: fundraising, volunteer management, finance, administration, communications, etc. But nothing centralized around universal nonprofit skills.

For now. But just you wait.

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