Experiential Curation Culture

I get oddly fascinated by all sorts of things.

I’m a investigative, passionate creature of the universe.

But. Like. I’m also a nerd? It’s cool. I’m allowed to call myself that. It’s more than true.

For example. For years now, I’ve been fascinated by Experiential Curation Culture, or the culture of personalized opportunities based on preferences, experiences, backgrounds and interests.

We’ve all experienced it. That thing where the more someone or something knows about you the better it can support you, connect you, or supply you with things that you need, want, or would appreciate better.

Amazon does it. Dating apps like OkCupid and eHarmony does it. Experiential Curation Culture is showing up everywhere - in home chef kits, in home clothing shopping apps, and even how your grocery or favorite retailer issues you deals and coupons.

Why am I obsessed? …I mean, fascinated?

Because I think this culture of connectivity is something that could make us all smarter too. I think it has vast applications beyond retail and dating and could be the next evolution of networking and education. Imagine a world where what you knew or know can help support the next layer of your knowledge effortlessly. Or finding your peers based off a high-level of similarities vs one or two commonalities.

Imagine indeed. Because I am. I really, truly am. Just you wait.

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