A Silent Choir

“Preaching to the choir!” She says.

The room nods their head in agreement.

I had just expressed something complex in a really simple way. It was about white privilege. Or was it about how poorly we treat volunteers? Or maybe the lack of diversity in the nonprofit sector? Then again, it might have been about how nonprofit professionals are always facing burnout… I don’t exactly recall the details.

But I expressed something complex in a really simple way. Suggesting we need to be different.

I didn’t explain how. I didn’t have a chance to.

“Preaching to the choir!” they yelled back, agreeing with me. Cutting me off. Hoping I’d move on, because the new norm is agreeing with the complex, horrible, difficult thing.

But no one has time to actually change, you see. No one is able to make room for growth. Or reflection. Or adoption. Or anything really. Because being agreeable is the new woke. Apparently it lets you keep your eyes open, but your brain stay on autopilot, your hands folded, your feet stationary.

“But…” I try to continue.

“Preaching to the choir!” they aggressively assure me.


I hear no one singing back.

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