Built to Fail

We’re so deeply driven to “success” as people and professionals.

But it’s so deeply evident we’re built to fail. From the moment we’re born, we’re helpless, dependent on parents, guardians or strangers to insure we survive for years before we even could survive on our own if we were forced to try.

Just about every action we’re expected to perform as a human takes approach, practice, or more. And that’s just the basic stuff!

And I think, one day, something inside of us says, “You should be able to do this by now. All of it. Any of it. Why does everything take so much work, so much failure, so much planning, so much intent, so much prep?

Because I’m not sure if we’ve ever owned the fact that we’re truly built to fail. Not succeed. Success is where we aim and where we strive, but by design, and with purpose, we were built to be able to even attempt success - even if we never achieve it.

There is something really, truly satisfying and wonderful with that belief in mind.

Because it means we’re allowed to try and try and try until we get it right, or until we change our minds and try for something else, or fail and learn from those failings, or succeed and learn from our failings and successes.

Each time, able to bounce back. Older, wiser, bruised but informed, more aware, possibly more determined or able to make better decisions.

It means we’re naturally resilient over time. We only lose that sense and acknowledgement of our resiliency when we falsely convince ourselves that we’re built to succeed. We’re not. Success is just a worthy byproduct of our real design.

We’re truly, build to fail. Own this? And you will probably be more successful than you ever imagined rather than if you resisted.

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