Why invest in or partner with Rhinocorn?

There is enormous untapped opportunity and potential to solve true, unsexy, systemic struggles and failures in the charitable sector such as creating progressive media, collaborations and technologies where innovation can truly change lives and the entire industry at its core. With the entire charitable sector in our sights, Rhinocorn’s target market is not only the 3rd largest workforce in the United States, but encompasses 12.4 million employees, and over 25% of the entire US population who volunteer for and within the country’s nonprofit and charitable array*. As an investor or partner, you can play a critical part of making exciting and sustainable changes in the wider charitable sector.

Our vision is tangible. Our goals are profitable. Your involvement is essential.

To learn more…

Please contact Clay Smalley, Chief Mission Officer at clay@rhinocornconsulting.com to answer any questions or schedule a pitch & proposal meeting.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data - “Nonprofits: America’s Third Largest Workforce”.