Rhinocorn is a design house for charitable sector innovation and advancement.

We aim to advance the charitable sector by developing concepts, projects and technologies that solve real problems for everyone invested in the sector, including nonprofits, foundations, corporations, and individuals invested in sector management, philanthropy, volunteerism, and engagement.

Where often the question is: if the charitable sector is trying to solve community problems, who is trying to solve charitable sector problems and create new opportunities? Rhinocorn will be that answer. 



Our mission…

… is to develop and institutionalize intelligent and innovative charitable sector solutions and resolutions that surprise, delight, and propel the sector into previously unexplored territories that makes it smarter, faster, stronger and more sustainable.

We believe…

… the charitable sector and those engaged deserve more creative and advantageous leaders supporting the sector’s need for innovation and inspiration. Rhinocorn aims to be a company that invests in and designs inventive, innovative projects that help strengthen and sustain the charitable sector and all entities invested in it.

Rhinocorn also plans to create a progressive and inclusive internal work and development environment that will allow us to hire the most enterprising, diverse, and inventive individuals who are passionate and inventive about improving and advancing the charitable sector and promoting growth in all nonprofit stakeholders and professionals.